Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back on the road

Hello, whoever, wherever you are!

Lately I've been thinking about my blog. Well, actually, ever since watching the film "Julie and Julia", so thought I'd check my blog. After initial difficulties getting in, I discovered, to my complete shock, that it has been one entire year since I've written in here. Where have I been?

On the road.

But I have always been on the road. Where was I last year? Here and there. A hard stretch of concrete. But interesting scenery.

One thing I have realized in this year. I have done a lot of traveling in this year, and wondered each time I returned if where I returned was home. This is a question perhaps expats ask themselves more often than other people. Anyway, I realized that I am not really a tourist - I am a pilgrim! There is a difference, but I'll let you think about the difference.

One thing I've been thinking about on my pilgrimage is the color of the landscape. It occurred to me that I have something to do with the color and shape of the landscape on my pilgrimage, because mine is an interactive one, intertwined with parts of myself, others, ideas, things, and God. Here is something I wrote today about this pilgrimage, which is a journey through a visible world, held by an invisible, spiritual one.

Invisible World

space of probability
wall of granite gray inevitability
hard as rock

breaking through the wall
breaking up the rock
forming something new
light is shining through

space of possibility
sheers of gauzy rose infinity
swaying with the wind
open to my touch
hinting at the dawn
whispers, do go on
soft as hope

What color is your invisible landscape? Do you want it to stay that color?

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